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11 Jun 2020

The root cause of the runaway phenomenon of cone crusher

the runaway phenomenon of cone crusher

In the normal production process of the cone crusher, the moving cone part moves periodically at a certain speed, but for some special reasons, the rotating speed of the moving cone will increase suddenly, and the body will have a violent vibration in an instant, but the safety spring and the safety cylinder are still in a very normal working state, the working current will increase in an instant, and the return oil will be returned The rapid increase of temperature leads to the failure of normal operation of the equipment, which is the runaway phenomenon of cone crusher.

Through continuous experiments and analysis, it is concluded that the phenomenon of "speeding" is caused by the following reasons:

1. There are few contact points between the cone sleeve and the main shaft, so the "runaway" phenomenon occurred during the test run of the crusher actually belongs to the "runaway" phenomenon of idling. In fact, it belongs to idling "runaway". If the material can not be pressed down after feeding, the self-propelled speed of the main shaft will be out of control, making the installation gap between the main shaft and the taper sleeve too small, making the taper sleeve hold the main shaft, resulting in runaway.

2. There are many parts of cone crusher that need to be lubricated in time. If the sealing device of cone crusher fails and some dust enters into the lubricating oil, it will hinder the lubrication of cone crusher, make the lubrication of all parts not in place, cause the abnormal rise of oil temperature, or the cone sleeve cracks during operation, reduce the contact area with the main shaft of cone crusher, and damage the oil film, thus Due to the rapid increase of dry friction temperature, the "runaway" situation occurs.

3. During the operation of cone crusher, a large amount of heat energy will be generated in the place where friction occurs when contacting with each other. Once the heat energy is increased to a certain extent, it will make the oil film strength decrease and produce dry friction. Even in the vertical sleeve, cone sleeve, shaft sleeve and other sliding contact parts, it will produce burns and runaway phenomenon.

4. Because of the poor lubrication or long time, the wear of the dynamic cone and the bowl type bearing bush is more serious, the gap between the dynamic cone and the shaft sleeve caused by the sinking of the vertebral body becomes smaller, which leads to the large friction load between the main shafts of the cone sleeve, which can not rotate smoothly, the friction force becomes larger and larger, and the heat generated is more and more, which is easy to damage the oil film, and then generate the flying car.

5. When the crushing chamber of cone crusher will inevitably enter into some non crushing objects, the spring or hydraulic protection system can protect the cone crusher from being damaged. However, if the spring and other safety measures fail, the crusher will be overloaded, the zinc filling will fall off, the cone bush of the eccentric shaft will be loose and move upward, reducing the gap between the main shaft and the eccentric sleeve, resulting in the flying accident.

These are the causes of some of our common car accidents. To fundamentally eliminate this phenomenon, we need to understand what causes this phenomenon, and pay attention to the timely inspection and maintenance of the equipment in use. If problems are found and solved in time, we can fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of the phenomenon.