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11 Jun 2020

Solution to the problem of oil leakage of cone crusher

Cone crusher (900, 1200, 1750, 2200) is the most commonly used two-stage crushing equipment. Shenzhong brand spring cone crusher occupies a large market share in the market, and is well received by the majority of users. Since most of the original drawings are designed with steel castings, the reliability of the equipment provides very good performance.

The outstanding features are:

1. The equipment is heavy and easy to use;

2. During operation, the equipment is compact and has good compatibility with all materials or ores, and can work under heavy load;

3. The equipment adopts standard design, with good universality, large inventory of spare parts and affordable price;

4. Normal maintenance of the equipment, which can be used for decades;

Because the technical level of the operators in the equipment workshop is different, the use and maintenance of the equipment are good and bad. Today, I will mainly talk about the problem of oil leakage found on cone crusher in some sites, but the user unit does not know how to deal with it, as well as some suggestions put forward:

In the first case, oil-water mixture is found in the circulating water of cone crusher.

Problem analysis: the main reason for this situation is that the oil pressure in the lubrication station is too high, which exceeds the speed of oil return, so that the lubricating oil overflows from the edge of the bowl bearing and flows into the circulating water of the bowl bearing.

Solution: reduce the oil pressure (up to 0.4MPa) and observe the return oil flow of the oil tank according to the instructions.

In the second case, it is found that the oil level of the oil tank drops when circulating water is not supplied to the cone crusher.

Problem analysis: this situation is caused by the same reason as the first one.

Solution: same as above.

In the third case, it is found that there is oil trace on the upper part of the cone crusher, that is, at the pressing sleeve.

Problem analysis: there are two reasons for this situation. One is that the welding plate of the process hole on the body of the cone crusher cracks; the other is that the body of the crusher cracks.

Solution: remove the broken wall, if it is found that the body is cracked, it is necessary to replace the body immediately; if the process board is peeling or cracked, it can be re welded with electric welding.