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28 Mar 2013

Is our earth healthy? What can we do?

A Report on the Crusher

Our earth is a very beautiful blue planet, looing from the outter space. In the last two hundred years, however, the industry of the world grew at a very high speed. Large amounts of industrial waste, carbon dioxide and other pollutions have been discharged directly into the river, the atmosphere and land, especially the discharge of industrail dust, which is more prominent. Our living environment is greatly threatened. Protecion of natural environment and sustainable development are the will of people all over the world. In 2005, president Xi famously said:'Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets'. A special company was discovered by us in heavy machinery industry -- Zheng Xin Heavy Machinery.

Green Mining Crusher Machines

In the past, stone production line was extensive, small scale dust everywhere, and no protective measures were applied. Pneumocniosis is common among workers. From the aspects of financial savings and reducing industrial discharge, ZX provides green mining solutions, including advanced production technology, new enery-saving crushing equipment, efficient dust recovery, and sewage recycling treatment, so to meet the production's Zero Discharge Standard. This has contributed greatly to the reduction of production costs and protection of the natural environment. Now, the stone dust form the quarry can become a profit point for mining companies.

Stone production line pictures

By visting ZX's workshop, we discover that many machines are being manufatured in an orderly way. Manger Wesley Wu introduced to us a new type of machine -- GP500. Compared with the old-fashioned machines, GP500 saves 20-25% electricity, decrease the maintenance cost ty 15%. And the price of that machine is relatively cheep, which is popular among all customers. Similarly, we have seen a large dust collection facility, which can collect all dust from the stone production process into a fixed silo. Without polluting the enviroment.

New orders are being received from all ove the country. Production of green machine is the main direction, and we have very high expectations for ZXHM's future.