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27 Mar 2012

ZXHM's Products And Services

A professional stone crusher manufacturer

ZhengXing Heavy Machinery was established with an excellent team which previously worked for NHI for about 15 years. We have a considerable amount of experience to deal with the difficulties in the design, production, assembling, sales, maintenance. In the future, we aim to become the most professional company in the industry.

Important Qualities
Our machines are produced with the highest quality raw materials and advanced production technology. Every process has a strict inspection, so that we offer the highest standards machines to our clients.

Finacial Savings
Through the efficient management and bulk purchase prices, we can cut down the manufacturing cost, so we can provide customers with products in lower prices than other products, and even make more financial savings for our clients.

stone crusher machine

Effectiveness & Efficiency
When your machine is very old and does not achieve capacity of requirements, we can recommend you a plan for upgrading or modification, or replacing it with a new machine. For example, Adding Hydraulic system and PLC system are the better ways to improve the machine’s capability and reduce the labor force, so then it can increase the work efficiency greatly and guarantee you savings. More intelligent system will be used on our machines.

Non-stop Services
We have the ability to provide a non-stop customer service from pre-sale to after-sale. The technical advisor will assist clients to solve various problems by the phone or visual telephone, and can arrive at the scene whenever they need it.

Quality first, customer first” has been our main objective all long.